Kod satırları

Front End Developer / Ataşehir - Hibrit

  •  .Net MVC ile front-end geliştirme konusunda tecrübeli,

  •  Angular5+ veya React teknolojilerinden en az bir tanesi ile tecrübe sahibi olmak

  •  Responsive tasarımlar, JS Frameworkler, Client-Side Scripting konularında tecrübeli,

  •  Web ön yüz geliştirme teknolojilerinde uzman (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SASS, LESS),

  •  Performans, cross-browser uyumluluk ve SEO kuralları hakkında bilgi ve tecrübe sahibi,

  •  Bootstrap konusunda tecrübeli,

  •  Responsive tasarım konusunda bilgi sahibi olan,

  •  OOP (Object Oriented Design) tecrübesi olan

  •  Web trendlerini takip eden ve uygulamaları bu yönde güncelleyebilen,

  •  RESTful web servis ve APIs kullanımı konusunda uzman olan,

  •  Yazılım geliştirme ve design etme metodolijilerine hakim ve tecrübe sahibi olan

  •  Bower, npm, Grunt kavramlarından haberdar

Front End Developer / Ataşehir

  •  Strong knowledge of Javascript language, and SDKs

  •  Solid experience with ReactJS

  •  Solid experience with API integrations (REST)

  •  Solid experience with Git flow

  •  Must have Fluent English skills

Frontend Web Developer / Pendik

  • BSc degree from Computer Engineering or Computer Science departments of the universities

  • 2+ years of experience in .Net development

  • Strong skills in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript and JQuery

  • Strong skills in responsive UI development

  • Good understanding of object oriented programming concept

  • Good knowledge of cross-browser and cross-platform compatible solutions

  • Experience in .Net Core development

  • Experience in Entitiy Framework

  • Experience in n-tier application architecture

  • Good command of English

  • Strong problem-solving ability

  • Good team player

  • Willing to come up with ideas to improve user experience and openly sharing them with the team

  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly, and a willingness for self-improvement,

  • Being familiar with devexpress components is a plus

  • Experience in version control systems such as TFS is a plus

  • Experience in agile methodologies such as Scrum is a plus

  • Male candidates should have no military obligations

Frontend Developer / Ataşehir - Hibrit

Role Description: (Responsibilities)

  • Compose maintainable, scalable, and modular client-side architecture and that integrates well with a diverse set of back-end platform APIs

  • You'll work alongside the UX team, the Backend Engineering team and Product Managers to iterate on new features

  • Take part with Chief Architect and team in designing front-end applications

  • Document code and processes as project progress

Experience Requirements

  • 2-4 years of experience in JavaScript development is required.

  • Experience in Vue, Quasar  is a plus.

  • Experience in web technologies and various JS frameworks is a plus

  • Good communication skills

  • Passion to explore new web tools, frameworks, utilities